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Armenian Boxing History

Boxing existed in Armenia from ancient times. The images made on the rocks in the area of Armenia show that boxing as a single combat sport existed here as a performed event more than 2000 years ago.

About the origin of contemporary boxing and its first steps in Armenia, the boxing champion of Eastern Armenia Zareh Meliq-Shahnazaryan writes that in 1910 and in 1917 schools of amateur boxing were opened in Karabagh (Shushi) by Ruben Harutyunyan, who had come from England.

During 1911-1920 boxing competitions were held in Nagorno Karabagh twice a year - in spring and in autumn. In 1924 Gevorg Alikhanyan and Mkhitar Aybabyan organized the first sections of boxing in Gyumri. One year later Alikhanyan moved to Yerevan, where he created the first team of cadets of 12-14 years old boys.

The first championship was held in Armenia in 1931, in which 30 boxers from different cities of Armenia took participation. Boxing was especially developed in Yerevan, Leninakan and Kirovakan. In 1938 the Armenian team won the first place of the Caucasus Championships.

At the Olympic Games 1956, Vladimir Yengibaryan remained undefeated in the weight category of 63,5 kg.

During 1970-1990, boxing reached its peak, when famous Armenian sportsmen Kamo Saroyan, Davit Torosyan, Suren Duryan, Suren Ghazaryan, Ashot Avetisyan, Khoren Injeyan, Manvel Avetisyan, Albert Nikolyan, Mekhak Ghazaryan, Samson Khachatryan and others became champions of the USSR and Europe. Israyel Hakobkokhyan became a World Champion in 1989.

After the collapse of the USSR the RA Boxing Federation was founded in 1991. In 1993 RA Federation became a full member of AIBA and EABA performing under Armenian flag at all the international tournaments. That year was also marked by the title of World Champion of Armenian boxer Nshan Munchyan.





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