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The Boxing Federation of Azerbaijan had been officially registered in 1924. Until 1991 Azerbaijan which was a part of the Soviet Union as a Union republic, participated in the allied Championships, Games and other internal tournaments of the former USSR.


After collapse of the USSR in 1991, Azerbaijan as the independent state became a full member of AIBA. From now on boxers of Azerbaijan regularly participate in the European and World Championships, and Olympic Games. It is necessary to underline, that Azerbaijan boxers have achieved excellent results on the international

scene just in the days of independence.


The victory of Adaljat Mamedov (superheavyweight) on the European Youth Championship in Edinburgh (SCO) in 1992 where he has occupied the 1st place became the first sign for country.


Within 1993 17-year-old boxer Rovshan Gusejnov became the European champion among youth and adults, and in 1994 in Bangkok he has won a World Cup in a weight category of 51 kg.


The international tournaments and Championships are regularly held in Azerbaijan. Since 1996, the international tournament of President of AIBA, A.Agalarov’s youth tournament, and since 2004 memorial tournament of the President of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev are annually held.



In 1999 for the first time in the history of the Azerbaijan boxing in Baku the European Cadets Championship (15-16 years) was held where the team of Azerbaijan has occupied the second (after the Russian team) place (4 gold, 1 silver, 4 bronze).


In 2001 for the first time in the history of AIBA in Baku the 1st World Cadets Championship was held. And again, as in 1999, Azerbaijan occupies the second place (2 gold, 4 silver, 4 bronze), giving in only to the Russian team.


The first Olympic success of Azerbaijani boxers took place in Sydney (2000) where a boxer Vjugar Alekperov (75 kg) has won a bronze medal. In 2002 the adult team of Azerbaijan has successfully acted on a World Cup in Astana and among the strongest 12 teams has taken the 5th place. Same year on the European Championship in Perm (Russia) boxer Shahin Imranov (54 kg) occupies the 2nd place, giving in the final to the world champion Malahbekov (Russia).


Azerbaijan boxers have achieved big success in 2003 in the World Championship in Bangkok. Here Agasi Mamedov became the world champion in a category of 54 kg, and Tofik Ahmedov(64 kg) and Ruslan Hairov (69 kg) became bronze prize-winners of the Championship. Along with teams of Russia, Cuba, Thailand and Kazakhstan, the team of Azerbaijan has got to the five of the strongest.


On the Olympic Games in Athens boxers of Azerbaijan rose to the 3rd step of a podium twice, those were Fuad Aslans (51 kg) and Agasi Mamedov (54 kg.)


In 2005 in the World Championship in the city of Mjanjang (China) boxers of Azerbaijan have won 2 silver and one bronze medals, those were Emil Magerramov of 64 kg (bronze), Ramal Amans of 60 kg (silver) and Elchin Alizade of 91 kg (silver). Same year on a World Cup in Moscow the team of Azerbaijan after Russia and Cuba has shared III-IV places with a team of Kazakhstan, and on a World Cup of 2006 in Baku after teams of Cuba and Russia have divided III-IV places with a team of Ukraine.


Boxers of Azerbaijan have successfully acted on the European Championship of 2006 in the city of Plovdiv, where they have won 3 silver medals – E. Alizade (91kg), R.Bajramov (75 kg), S.Imranov (57 kg) – and one bronze – R. Amanov (60 kg).


Baku really became the arena of boxing World Championships. In August, 2007 in Baku the World Championship among cadets was held, that according to president of AIBA Dr. C-K. Wu became one of the best in the history of AIBA. This Championship became very successful for the Azerbaijan boxers who have won 2 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals, having taken the firstteamplace,2ndteamplacewasoccupiedbyboxers of a Russian national team and 3rd place went to a team of India. At the World Championship of 2007 in Chicago the Azerbaijan boxer Samir Mamedov (51 kg) became the bronze winner prize-winner, and on the Olympic Games in Beijing Shahin Imranov (57 kg) has won a bronze medal.


Nowadays a new young generation is coming to the Azerbaijan boxing, and successful performances of young boxers in Szczecin on the European Championship give hopes of success in the future on an adult ring as well. The youth team of Azerbaijan has won 7 medals (1 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze) on the European Championship, giving in only to the Russian team.


Azerbaijan continues to remain the centre of the World Championships: on 6-13th of December 2009 in Baku the Cup of President of AIBA for the first time was held in a new Continental format. The II European national team, in which 3 boxers from Azerbaijan participated, has won in this interesting tournament. Our boxer E. Magerramov (69 kg) became the winner of tournament. Here in Baku, at the same time in the State opera and ballet theatre AIBA Forum of 2009 took place as well as the ceremony of awarding of best of the best.


Source: EBM Magazine

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